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Berlin Tempelhof Airport closed in 2008 and the airfield now provides a wide range of sport and leisure opportunities, including running and cycling the runways.

Wandering the runway and airfield at Tempelhof, Berlin, August 2021

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Copyright Debbie Smyth, 19 September 2021

Posted as part of  One Word Sunday

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  1. Tempelhof was the one in use when we lived there in the 70ties. – strange idea seeing it closed. Now since 2020 they have the Brandenburg airport in use.(Hubby looked it up, it’s the 5th place for a Berlin airport). A fitting name since the Brandenburger Tor used to be the dividing line between East and West Berlin, when communism (Russia) occupied East Berlin and East Germany.
    Here’s my closed – not a far reaching of an effect as yours, in Nice, France.


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  2. One of the towns I missed out in my life was Berlin. I would love to visit. I did not know they had closed Tempelhof. Somewhere in my photo collection I have a photo of the old Gatwick Airport before it became a international airport. I must search for it. It, of course, is completely different to the new airport. I had a friend that lived near Reigate and Redhill which was quite near.

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