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Horse transport Kyrgyzstan-style, September 2022

Welcome to One Word Sunday, and over to all of you to join the challenge with your own wheels post.
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Thanks to everyone who sent us washing last week.
Special thanks go to Janet for haute coiffure in. motion; to Le Drake Noir for a dusty approach to washing; and, to Woolly Muses for cuteness.

If you didn’t have chance to check out everyone’s offerings, the links are below. Why not grab a coffee now and go blog exploring.


Next week’s theme will be flight.
Other forthcoming themes are listed here, and to see previous weeks of this challenge, click here





Copyright Debbie Smyth, 19 March 2023

Posted as part of  One Word Sunday

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        • Ah, well they came from Beijing. A different idea for shared bikes and competitor to Boris bikes and similar. That didn’t come to all of our cities but certainly Manchester. But we weren’t very kind to them. Or kind to other people. The bikes were just dropped in the middle of the pavement and other awk was re spots. But worse than that people vandalised the bikes and chucked them in rivers. The idea didn’t last long over here. I’m not sure how well they did in China or if they are still operated there. I certainly have a photo of one in Guangzhou, I think, looking very badly cared for.

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    • Indeed. My pony would never go in a small trailer box, but he would probably have liked this version. The practical problem Wirth this one is that you need to have a small hill for boarding and onboarding, unless you just tip them out!


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