Wall by Multi-Coloured Wall in Shoreditch




by Phlegm
By Phlegm


This is posted as part of the White Rabbit monthly photo challenge.  This month’s theme is multi-coloured.

One of the best parts of this challenge is that all participants are asked to recommend 2 blogs that they have enjoyed in the last month.  My recommendations this month are both collaborative photo blogs.

Firstly, there’s The Legion of Door Whores.  This site has a long list of contributors of photos from around the world.  Do pop over and take a look, it won’t take long to convince you that doors are beautiful.  Once convinced, you can join in too.

Secondly, Toemail, featuring photos that include a toe, or even a whole foot.  The variety of locations is fascinating and, don’t worry, there’s nothing kinky about this blog.  It was simply inspired by a typo that resulted in the word “toemail”. Once again, if you like what you see you can contribute your own photos.

4 thoughts on “Wall by Multi-Coloured Wall in Shoreditch

  1. WOW – that is some fabulous street art! You’ve captured the multi-coloured theme beautifully 🙂

    Thanks for the links to two blogs you enjoy. I’m already a great fan of The Legion of Door Whores, but Toemailer has passed me by. I’ll HOP over there, right away!

    Great entry for this month’s challenge – well done!


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