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Z is for… Funny ZOO



Je suis Panda venu de Chine
Par un bateau sur la mer Abyssine
Je suis Panda d’humeur badine
Tatoué jusqu’en haut de l’échine

As part of Marseille’s celebration of its position as 2013 European Capital of Culture, it has placed some bright and magical creatures around the city.  They are part of the Funny Zoo project.  Some are beautifully decorated wild animals, others are strange hybrids.



Soif de Nature (Thirst for Nature)

Soif de Nature (Thirst for Nature)

And there are more to find!.

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aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth



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    • When I read your itinerary I was quite jealous. I was in Marseille a little early as several things, such ad MUCEM, weren’t open yet. You’ll be in the area for the height of celebrations. I am very tempted to go back early Sept time. Enjoy your trip


      • Ahaha it’s much easier for me to plan such an itinerary when I’m from there… and haven’t seen friends and family for 2 years; happy to be in Marseille at the height of the celebrations… if you come back early Sept., we could actually meet up and have a drink somewhere to enjoy them together!


    • You can probably tell I fell in love with it this visit. I’ve always enjoyed its “realness” and spirit but this time I found its beauty too.


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