Carefree on the South Bank

There is always something happening on the South Bank in London.  In summer, there is an ever-changing variety of outdoor events such as dance and food displays, plus rooftop cafes, fountains and even a small beach.  And the views in all directions will have you reaching for your camera: London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard, …

Outside the Royal Festival Hall, London
Outside the Royal Festival Hall, London

Linked to Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree.

13 thoughts on “Carefree on the South Bank

  1. I saw your comment on Travel Photo Mondays, and the link to “Carefree on the South Bank”. To me (I lived in London for 15 years), “South Bank” means only one thing — and I’m glad to see it means the same to you! Your photos are a nice reminder. 🙂


  2. Great photos; the idea of British kids in just shorts … obviously the weather is so much better now than when I lived in the UK.


      1. It would be nice if the good weather could continue through September as I’m going to be in the UK then … well I can hope!


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