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Bath’s Royal Crescent


Bath’s Royal Crescent is a street of 30 terraced houses laid out in a sweeping crescent.  It was designed by the architect John Wood the Younger and built between 1767 and 1774.  As one of the greatest examples of Georgian architecture to be found in the United Kingdom it has been appointed a Grade I listed building.

The Georgian stone façade remains much as it was when it was first built, with its curved façade and Ionic columns. The 114 columns measure 76 cm in diameter and the central house (now part of the Royal Crescent Hotel) boasts two sets of coupled columns.


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  1. This may be slightly off-topic… I’ve got a friend in Bradford-on-Avon, and I’d visit her regularly at weekends. Once, I thought I’d go during the week, and I rang Great Western to reserve a ticket. They quoted me a price of over 200 quid just to go from Lon Paddinton to Bath. Just as well I was sitting down at the time! I mean, I can get a flight to bloody Rome for that! So, if you haven’t got a car and you want to go from London to Bath during the week, you’re stuffed 😦 I guess there’s the bus, but that would take ages.


    • Try booking off peak tickets and if possible in advance, that should bring the price down considerably, it also possible to get from Bath to Bradford-on-Avon by train!


      • A return journey from London to Bath should NEVAHHHH be over 200 quid, that is just insane, no matter what time of day! That is my point. I know, you go off-peak, you can get a much better deal.


    • I love travelling by train but it can be ridiculously expensive, I agree. The only solution is to book on advance. 12 weeks in advance is supposed to be the optimum. And always look at 1st class prices too – sometimes you can get 1st cheaper than 2nd!


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