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The Colours of La Boqueria

La Boqueria Market in Barcelona  (official name Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria) is the best known of the city’s markets, attracting tourists of all nationalities by the shopping basket load.

Situated right on La Rambla, it is easy to find and at least a quick stroll here has to be high on every tourist’s to do list.

La Boqueria makes for a fascinating visit.  If you aren’t local or self-catering, you’ll wish you were!  All types of food produce and associated equipment are on sale here.  In addition, you can grab fresh juices for immediate refreshment on the go, or a bite to eat at one of the food stands.  Even if you don’t want to buy, you must still visit to admire the riot of colour and the artistic displays.



A taste of its history
The market has a long history, though not always on this site.  In fact, the first mention of the Boqueria market dates from 1217, when tables were installed near the old city gate to sell meat.  There followed a number of name and location changes until, in 1840, construction of the current site began under the direction of the architect Mas Vilà.  The market officially opened that year, but the plans for the building were modified many times and the inauguration of the structure did not take place until 1853.

A new fish market was added in 1911, and the metal roof that still exists today was constructed in 1914.  In 2003 the market added a Culinary Classroom, where children and adults are taught to cook, and a wide variety of gastronomic events are organised.

The market’s excellence has been recognised by a great number of awards, including the prize for the best market in the world, awarded by the World Markets Congress in 2005.

A couple of recommendations

“La Boqueria is a gastronomic temple, a place that congregates all the phases in the food chain, from the producers, harvesters, butchers and fishmongers who provide the food, to the individual and professional clients who wander through this magnificent, characteristic maze of traders in charge of the market stalls.”
Ferran Adrià
Chef at El Bulli Restaurant  (Foreword of La Cuina de la Boqueria)

“A visit to La Boquería is certainly worthwhile; it is the best showcase of ingredients in the city, with its fish products which arrive at the market from 7 pm, and fresh fish from the port of Rosas, as well as salt fish, poultry, fruit, meat and offal. Here one can find things that are impossible to find anywhere else in Barcelona.”
Manuel Vázquez Montalban

Part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturation.

Linking to Mandarin Orange and Mellow Yellow Mondays.

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  1. I knew, immediately, that your picture was of La Bouqeria. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities on earth and, over the last 15 years, I’ve been there five times, spending an entire week once. I usually stay on or near La Rambla – often at the Lleo Hotel right by La Rambla and Placa Catalunya. La Boqueria is my favorite stop for a lunch of calamari and Padron peppers

    My Mandarin Orange Monday is of Indian women in colorful saris.


  2. Wonderful display of colour and pattern….and it is all edible:)!! Great compositions:)
    Thanks for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday #61.


  3. The truth is that almost any neighborhood in BCN has its own historic market. Some of them are even more magnificent than the Boqueria, like the Sant Antoni one (which is now under renovation though). Barcelona’s markets are really wonderful! Thanks for sharing these great photos!


  4. It used to be my market when I was living down in the center… had a love/rate relationship with La Boqueria but I surely miss shopping there. Very nice photos, lots of colors!!!


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