Street Blues

I have only just realised that the Lady of the Cakes would like some fellow blogger participation in her amusing Street Snaps series.  So I thought I’d oblige with a little blue number spotted on an early morning jaunt on the Docklands Light Railway a couple of weeks ago.  I was taking transport photos, with another challenge in mind, when this happened:


N.B. faces pixellated to protect the innocent!

Linked to Street Snaps and Blue Monday.

9 thoughts on “Street Blues

  1. Oh my. She sure has the body for it, but even though blue is my favorite color . . .

    Hmm, I wonder why she ruined the monochromatic design by carrying that brown purse?
    Please consider returning to comment on my blog.
    Have a good Blue Monday.


  2. Oh my, I LOVE THIS!
    At the weekend in Madrid, I saw somebody dragging their rubber-suited gimp(?) around on a pink leash. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough getting my camera in position 😦


  3. Entertaining and eye-catching, and I guess it’s the right body for it if you want to go that direction, but can you *imagine* how wildly *uncomfortable* that’s gotta be????! 😉


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