Sprouting Up in Brussels

aDSC01247 sepia
Parc du Cinquantenaire

Many of my recent travels seem to have resulted in the same mantra- “miserable grey, wet and cold: must return in better weather to explore properly”.

This tree looks good in sepia, though – makes it feel a bit warmer than it really was!

Parc du Cinquantenaire (French for “Park of the Fiftieth Anniversary”) or Jubelpark (Dutch for “Jubilee Park”) is a large park at the edge of the European Quarter in Brussels.  The majority of the buildings here were commissioned by the Belgian government under the patrondom of King Leopold II for the 1880 National Exhibition, which commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of Belgian independence.

There is much to visit here: picturesque gardens, ponds and waterfalls; a triumphal arch from 1905; Royal Military Museum;  Cinquantenaire Art Museum; AutoWorld Museum; Temple of Human Passions; Great Mosque of Brussels.  Its location makes it perfect for a quick break before, after or between meetings, plus a ten or a fifteen minute walk across the park from the European Parliament brings you to one of Brussels’ best known Art Deco buildings – more of that in a future post.

Linked to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sepia and Weekly Top Shot.

12 thoughts on “Sprouting Up in Brussels

  1. Love your title. Most of my time in Belgium was raining and miserable too, although I didn’t manage to get back to the coast when the weather was better and was a bit disappointed- it actually looked better in the gloomy light – the sunlight just made me more aware of the shabby architecture…


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