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Accident Waiting to Happen

Warning sign at Basilica Cistern, Istanbul

Warning sign at Haghia Sophia, Istanbul

I’m afraid that steps are always an accident waiting to happen when I’m around.  In fact most things are – I’m quite prone to falling over, even on the flat. And before you ask, it has nothing to do with alcohol!

I took the photo of the sign above because it reminded me of a particularly bad accident I had on my last trip to Moscow, in 2012.  I was dining at the White Rabbit restaurant, which is a swish and expensive restaurant in a sort of domed glass box on top of a shopping centre; the views are impressive and the food is excellent.

Having eaten, I made my way towards the lift, admiring the views as I went. Sadly, this meant I didn’t have a view of the steps in front of me and by the time I realised they were there I was hovering in mid-air somewhere above them!  Not wanting to crash land face-first on the steps themselves, I somehow managed to fly a little further and land face down on the floor at the bottom of the steps.

Those dining on the lower level seemed mildly surprised to see me!  But I don’t think anyone realised I had flown down from the top of the steps rather than just tripping off the bottom one.

A kind waiter gave me some ice, but so many places hurt I didn’t know where to put it.   I eventually manged to hobble back to my hotel and then sat in the bar drinking tea for a couple of hours to make sure I wasn’t concussed.

I was a bit battered and bruised and had what I thought might be a broken wrist, so I appeared at the conference the following day with a makeshift sling and bandage all-in-one fashioned out of a yellow flowery scarf. I survived with that until I got home a few days later, where x-rays revealed it was only a severe sprain.

I try to be more careful these days, but my friends know that I wouldn’t be me without a black eye, a broken tooth or a bandaged limb.

Linked to Daily Prompt: Accident.

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  1. Oh my… I thought I was accident prone, but you topped me… Don’t mean to laugh about it, but the way you write the story had me rolling… So sorry and glad you didn’t break anything else in the fall…


  2. My mum spent an entire day warning the new farm hand not to stand too close to the back of a trailer in case the cattle kicked it and it flew out toward them. As soon as he was gone she forgot her own advice and got smacked across the bridge of the nose resulting in having her skin glued back together and two black eyes. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, but whenever it does and her and dad go out he always gets people thinking that he caused it. They now refrain from going out after farmyard accidents now.


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