7 thoughts on “Crimson Fronds

  1. Looks like ‘Fire at night’. Great shot. Do you live near Petersburg? Loved the bikes and the painted designs on them in a previous post. Also loved how you captured the London Eye loop. Have a great day.


    1. Thanks Maragaret, glad you like them. No, I live in the UK, near London. But I was lucky enough to get a few free days after a conference in Orlando in mid-Feb.

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      1. HI Debbie Many thanks for reply. Can I ask you have you ever been to the London WWT? If so,is it worth a visit. The next time I am over on the I.O.W. (I live in N.Ireland) my friend Eileen and I were talking about perhaps going there.


      2. Hi Margaret. No I haven’t but I’ve heard it’s pretty good. It’s the other side of town for me but I might get there this summer if we get good weather. I’ll post about it if I do. Whereabouts in N Ireland? My husbands from Belfast and his mum still lives there.

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  2. Hi Debbie well isn’t it a small world. I live in Bangor which is just 13 miles from Belfast (half hour on train) to the east. Bangor is a seaside town. So perhaps you will be over here sometime? If so perhaps we could go birding for a day or at least meet up for a coffee. I am dashing now as I am going to the BIrd Observation island at Copeland. You husband will know where that is if you d not.. Please keep in touch.


  3. Is there a red light coming up from below? It is truly warming… I’ve noticed some of the palms like this in my neck of the woods (so to speak) have spotlights lighting them from beneath, but I’ve only ever seen white. Very nice!


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