Hazy Reflection


These delicate branches are reflected in a pool of water that was covering a small plaque that I wanted to read.

Linked to Scenic Weekends.

29 thoughts on “Hazy Reflection

      1. have to chime in on this one – cause I think it is so amazing how some other things are like that – like in the art classes I taught – some of the kids with a piece that was so-so in class – looked amazing on the video or class website – while other times a piece that had everyone in awe in class did not look half as good in photo or vid – so interesting how that happens……


        1. Yes, it is funny. Real proof that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is truly subjective. I guess a great artists can aim their picture at their planned audience, just like a good writer will.

          I never had that problem with my own artwork at school – it didn’t look good in any circumstance! Though I’m hoping to put that right later in the year by joining a drawing class!

          On Sun, Jun 29, 2014 at 5:06 AM, Travel with Intent wrote:



      1. wow – you are fast!!! wo hoo
        I am impressed. and here is the thing about Mona – she is such a pro when it comes to the mind and hand connection to drawing – and this book has great tips – like palming for inner eye relaxing and little ways to increase skills.
        and one of my favorite lessons from her is the “upside down drawing” – where you have to draw a photo that is hanging upside down – which helps you see the shapes and line and really gives you practice at “seeing” – which is at the heart of good drawing.

        Also remember that good drawing and precise replication is only one side to art – and sometimes we think that artists who duplicate well are the most talented – when often they are just the most skilled at seeing – and they skilled at replicating – but they are not necessarily the most creative or arts in their head (does that make sense).

        So give yourself some grace to do ‘your’ versions of things – and remember that your preliminary sketches and your outlines will have your flare and your essence – that is the wonder of it. Also, even if your drawing does not improve the way you expect it to (even though it likely will) but just working at drawing is good for parts of your brain that do not always get used and it helps you to see the world better – has so much value.

        anyhow, please keep me posted – ❤


  1. the words were so wonderful…. like one of those sentences that say so much… and then reading int he comment that you did not get to read it yet was just fun….


      1. well that was supposed to be “says” and not “say” – just for the record.

        and regarding the other comment here 😉 – = well I am glad you did not call it “momentary” even though you are right – it would have fit nicely – but I really love the hazy reflection – it was perfect! ❤


        1. Thank you. Have you got a triple shot post coming up any time soon? I have an odd trio that I’m thinking of posting tomorrow, but it would be perfect for your Triple Shot!

          On Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 9:26 PM, Travel with Intent wrote:



      2. Hey Debbie = you know I smile whenever you have something for triple shot – and I almost did one this week – but I was late with the Throwback Thursday one and well…. anyhow, last Wednesday is my last post until August sometime – and so I will not be doing a triple shot Friday when I get back. 😦 but thanks (you made my night) and well, maybe you can link to fee’s oddball – and not that you “have” to link it to anything – but it is just such fun sharing when we do join/link challenges-
        ❤ hugs


        1. Yes, I’ll go ahead and link to Cee. It is pretty odd! Are you just chilling over the summer or are you off on a trip?

          On Sun, Jun 29, 2014 at 5:10 AM, Travel with Intent wrote:



      3. and not to keep going on about this (even though I could – ha!) but I just got this in my inbox….
        from painting ABOUT .com (they have a new host for this site) and Lisa had some of Mona’s tips – like close one eye, squint, learn how to see negative space – and then these tips (more for those who want to draw to paint) but tied right into our min chat here:
        1. Tip #1: Turn Your Artwork Upside Down
        2. Tip #2: Look at Your Artwork in a Mirror
        3. Tip #3: Look at a Thumbnail Image of Your Work

        but I think it would be super cool if you started to make some paintings of a few of your amazing photos – you have such a talent for finding unique shots and making some drawings and then paintings of them could be really great….
        have a nice day dear Debbie – ❤


        1. I’ll see what I can do. I will work hard while you are on your break and I’ll report back. I always found art at school very frustrating: I had ideas but couldn’t carry them out. I shall miss you over the summer Yvette but I hope to have progress to show when you get back!

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