George the Dog (and John the Artist too)


Some of you may recognise this dog.  He’s a pretty well known character in London’s Shoreditch, and he appeared in my post from earlier this year on the Bestiary Exhibition.  In fact, he was sitting in this very window.


Now it is his turn to appear in an exhibition at this small gallery. His owner previously struggled with drug addiction, petty crime and homelessness; he spent several years on the streets of Shoreditch, sitting there every day with George, sketching and selling his works to passers by.  His industriousness eventually won through when the quality of his work was recognised and he held his first public exhibition in 2013.


His second exhibition, which concentrates largely on his relationship with George, is currently running at the Howard Griffin Gallery.  It features predominantly his many, many pen and ink drawings of George,  mainly black and white, but with odd splashes of green and yellow from his Shoreditch patch of pavement.  These original drawings are available to buy at the exhibition, £50 each, or can be ordered online.


Linked to Our World Tuesday.

John and George, at the Howard Griffin Gallery, 189 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6HU  – until 17 August 2014, Wednesday – Sunday 12pm – 8pm .

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