B is for… Big Fish in Brighton

a1_20150102__DSC9642_6000 x 4000

There’s nothing like a hunger-curing portion of fish, chips and mushy peas when you’re at the English seaside.  You can eat at this establishment at the end of the pier: I haven’t tried it though and the reviews on Tripadvisor are mixed.

My choice is usually Harry Ramsden’s on Marine Parade opposite the pier – they are a countrywide chain now and I’ve never been disappointed.

a1_20140613_aDSC06562_6000 x 4000

If you fancy something other than deep-fried you’ll find plenty of other fish and seafood choices around town, with my favourite being Riddle & Finn’s.

Part of April A to ZAlphabe Thursday and ABCW.
Copyright Debbie Smyth, 2 April 2015aDSC_0636_pp

22 thoughts on “B is for… Big Fish in Brighton

  1. I love the fish and chips but I’ve never been able to get my mind around the mushy pea portion of this meal!


    Thanks for a bountiful piece of fish shared for Alphabe-Thursday’s letter B.


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  2. Ahhhh, Fish for my Hubs and I’ll eat all the Chips in Brighton…hoping someday my Hubs and I will travel to Great Britain, home of many of my ancestors on both sides of my family…cute post !!! 🙂

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  3. we have an authentic fish n chips place here since 1972. They really do batter up those delicate fish and serve hundreds each day. Expensive but a treat occasionally. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here.


  4. My hubby would love to try this out! I am not a fish and chips fan since I don’t care for battered fish but so many love it and fries do taste great with vinegar


  5. Ooh harry Ramsdens are the Harrods of Fish n Chips. I do miss them so much. We have an English chippie right nearby but it’s not the same and so expensive.


  6. I didn’t try them on my brief trip to Brighton but, I’ve had some good ones in and around London. However, on my list trip to London, I had some at the restaurant inside the Tate Modern and it was quite possibly the worst fish and chips I’ve ever had.


    1. They do vary hugely – and it so disappointing when they are bad.
      My worst ever was in a tiny chippie in Wales – the fish was small, flat and triangular and overcooked!


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