London Bridges Close Up

Hungerford Bridge at night

One of the appeals of walking along the Thames is admiring the architecture of its many bridges.  Each one is different in shape, colour, size and material; metal, stone, wood; stripes, zigzags, dots.  I have a particular soft spot for the curving lines of the Millennium Bridge.

Sinuous Millennium Bridge
Linked to Metal, Zigzags and Sundays in my City.

30 thoughts on “London Bridges Close Up

  1. Great pictures, all, but none captures my heart as much as a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge in my beloved home, San Francisco.


    1. I’m not sure it’s quite what I intended but I love it too. I was out on a night photography workshop, playing with my new camera and lo and behold an over exposure produced something beautiful.

      On Sun, Aug 10, 2014 at 6:09 PM, Travel with Intent wrote:



  2. Great theme and pics. I did, though, misread ypur post title and assumed that tje apocalyse had come and somehow the Bridges had squeezed nearer each other or, at the very least, fold upwards like Tower Bridge…


  3. great shot of the zig-zag Millennium Footbridge – love to criss-cross the Thames on these. Do you have a favourite? – mine is Hammersmith


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