15 thoughts on “Dawn Reflections

      1. Let me do that for you. We have the Venetian, the Bellagio, and the Paris. You post one from the actual city, I’ll post the Las Vegas mock-up! It might be fun. A collaborative effort. Think about it!


        1. Sounds a great idea! I’ll send you some ideas of the photos I could post and you pick ones you think you can replicate. Then we can coordinate our posts. The Venice ones will be limited to my archives. For Paris I can take new ones as I have a couple of trips coming up in Sept and Oct this year. I probably don’t have anything for Bellagio. Shall I use your outlook email address?

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        2. Sure. I have the Eiffel tower in front of the Paris Hotel, and inside the hotel there is an area that looks like a French Street. You’ve just returned from Venice so let me see some of your shots and I will try to duplicate them. It will be a lot easier for me to duplicate any of your shots than vice versa as I can always take a half hour drive to any of the casino hotels. The Bellagio might be the most diffficult to duplicate as I don’t really see any resemblance between the Vegas version and the real thing! I would like to either post at the same time on our separate posts, or together- a shared post> let me know your thoughts. This is exciting!


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