Giant Toast Rack


Doesn’t look like a toast rack?

Ok, it isn’t but it is a Manchester architectural landmark and it’s known as the toast rack  – you can read, and see, why here.

Linked to Geometric Friday.

17 thoughts on “Giant Toast Rack

  1. It DOES look like a toast rack….and we have building here in Sydney nick named the Toaster. Not very popular though…because it blocks both views of the Botanic Gardens and the Harbour and the Opera House..depending on where you are.
    You photograph Is very strong and dramatic…love those obliques. Thanks for sharing on Geometric Friday…and sorry you had trouble doing so….all my fault..I forgot to add the linky code!! Thanks for coming back again:)


    1. I find setting up the Linky on my challenge a bit of a pain. I usually do about 20 in advance so that I get consecutive numbers.
      This toast rack is one if the highlights of this area – no sea views or gardens to block!


  2. What a great image for Geometric Friday. And it does indeed look like a toast rack.

    My first thought when I saw your image was that it reminded me of an old toaster. (Sort of like this:

    My first apartment was furnished and included old, out-of-date appliances. From the end the toaster was a triangular shape that looked much like this building. One had to turn down the sides (hinged at the bottom) to place a piece of bread on each side, then remember to turn them to toast the opposite sides, and to remove the toast when it was just right. The toast didn’t pop up so I burned about half a loaf of bread before I purchased a timer, but sometimes I forgot to set it. Finally, I bought a new toaster and stuck the old one in the closet for the next tenant.


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