Notre Dame de la Garde at Eight Hundred


This 11.2 metre tall statue of the Madonna and Child, created from copper gilded with gold leaf, stands atop Notre Dames de la Garde, overlooking the city and port of Marseille.

To give you some idea of the true scale of this, you can see it here on top of the 12.5 metre tall belfry, which in turn stands on top of the 41 metre tall bell tower.


The current basilica was consecrated in 1864, but it stands on the site of an earlier church of the same name, which dates back to 1214.  The 800th birthday was celebrated last year and this silver-coloured version of the Madonna and Child formed part of that celebration.

a1-09866 This version is not quite as large as you might think though:

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9 thoughts on “Notre Dame de la Garde at Eight Hundred

  1. Lovely blues! I will send my sister over here. She loves the Lord’s Mother and will enjoy seeing this. You know, at The Mother Cabrini Shrine which is West of the foothills of Golden, Colorado there is a statue of Jesus that is about 22 feet (6.7 m) tall. I have always dreamed of seeing the status of Christ in Rio de Janeiro. He is 98 feet (30m) and His arm span is 92 ft wide (28 m). I am amazed at the endurance and beauty of these creations and I appreciate you sharing with us today. Have a beautiful day! Come visit soon.


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