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Capella d’en Marcús

a1_20150521_20150521__DSC7921_6000 x 4000This tiny hermitage, the Capella d’en Marcús, also known as Mare de Deu de la Guia, is a small Romanesque chapel located in the Bòria neighbourhood of Barcelona, not too far from the Picasso Museum.

a1_20150521_20150521__DSC7920_4000 x 6000

It was built ​​in the middle of the twelfth century on the main Roman Road into Barcelona with funding provided by a philanthropist Marcús Bernat.  It was, in fact, built as the chapel for a hospital that he also funded.

Wedged in here, with only two facades visible as the other two are attached to the neighbouring buildings, it may even be the smallest religious structure in Barcelona.

a1_20150521_20150521__DSC7923_4000 x 6000

Linked to Thursday Special.

aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 24 June 2015

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  1. “Señor , ¿qué mandáis que haga yo ?” it took some searching to have it translated in Spanish. I particularly love your “sunny star” photo. Thank God for the benefactor. Why aren’t there people like Marcus Bernat today


    • I don’t know. Is it that we have all become more cynical and less caring? Perhaps it I s because we now just expect others to provide. Or maybe the problems of the world are just to overwhelming not that we are a global society and see all the people that need our help. This guy certainly did a lot for the area and I had never heard of him before.


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