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On Emerald Hill

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This walk picks up from where I left you last week, on Orchard Road.  We’ll walk just a little further east and turn left up Cairnhill Road.  If you aren’t already on Orchard Road, the nearest MRT stop is Somerset, or you can catch a bus and alight at Midpoint Orchard.

About 50 metres up Cairnhill, turn right onto Emerald Link, walk to the end and you are on Emerald Hill.  Now you need no further guidance, just stroll up and down this hill and admire the architecture.  This little street is chock full of beautifully restored houses. Back in the second half of the nineteenth century, this area was a nutmeg plantation and then an orchard, but both businesses failed.  The land changed hands and was subdivided into a number of plots – one of those subdivisions became Emerald Hill, and the houses you see now were built between 1901 and 1925.

You’ll find plenty of traditional shophouse features, including the short swing doors, pintu pagar, and the covered walkway, the five foot way.

a1_20150727_20150727__DSC1914_6000 x 4000

You’ll also find some Chinese baroque.

a1_20150727_20150727__DSC1896_6000 x 4000

It’s almost impossible not to peek into the verdant courtyards, though I did feel a bit sorry for the residents; the better the reconstruction job they do, the more tourists they have perring at their work.

a1_20150727_20150727__DSC1894_6000 x 4000

Now I’ll leave you to wander and enjoy.

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aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 10 August 2015

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  1. Golly, Debs, you do find some lovely subjects to photograph. I adore looking at architecture (and nosying in courtyards) so this is right up my street – or rather your street/hill 😉

    Your Singapore posts are making me want to stop over there again, it’s been a long time since I did and I know so much has changed there. My favourites? The pintu pagar and the courtyard gates I think. Oh, and that glazed fretwork tile is a bit special.


  2. Great photos! I currently live in Singapore and have not visited Emerald Hill yet. Now I feel inspired to go take a look. Thanks!


  3. I’m from Singapore and I have never looked at Emerald Hill the way you did! It’s so well-hidden in the midst of the glitz and glamour of Orchard Road, I have grown to turn a blind eye to it even though I pass by it every time I’m at Orchard. I feel inspired to hop down to take some photos and look at it in a different light after reading your post.


  4. Stunning architecture on your walk.
    (Just a gentle reminder to link to Mosaic Monday when participating please)


  5. when I travel I always look for interesting architecture. Decorative details make my heart sing…so I think I’d love Emerald hill a lot!! visiting through #traveltuesday


  6. Lovely!! I’ve been walking around Somerset (looking for a hidden market) but I don’t think I’ve been to Emerald Hill. Am off to the Pinocotheque in Sept so will keep an eye out. You’ve made it look tantalising…


  7. Fascinating neighbourhood, Debs! I can never resist peaking in 🙂 Many thanks for sharing! I have some great LULD’s for you whenever I get round to it 🙂


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