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The Key to Finding the Perfect Bench

a1_20150412__DSC3432_3936 x 2624-3

This 3 meter tall man on a bench in the shape of a key, was a pleasant surprise find on a Spring walk this year to find Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid.  He is an obvious parody of the famous 1904 bronze statue “The Thinker” by Auguste Rodin.

Apparently, not everyone is pleased that the Mermaid has a new friend!   The “Global Visionary” man is made out of 8,500 pieces of used metal and weighs 2.5 tons.  The sculpture is known as Zinkglobal and is by Kim Michael who refers to himself as TheZinker.

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aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 27 December 2015

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  1. Sometimes I am amazed (although I shouldn’t be) how people don’t like change. “How awful the Eiffel Tower is!” I think it is a wonderful work of sculpture and public art (not a huge fan of the “what the heck is that” modern-day sculpture). It does make one think (pun intended I suppose), and is updated to express more of our world today and not that in which Rodin lived in. I can’t see how such a sculpture could impede one person enjoying the Little Mermaid. Yes there is pride and appreciation, even sacredness, to such public art, but the world does move on, unfold, and the sacred can still be kept sacred without keeping everything exactly the way it was (which is of course impossible).


    • Great comment. I agree. This is not so close that it has any impact on the Mermaid. And we have to have new works of art. Life would be terribly boring if there was nothing new.

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    • It has been a great challenge Jude. I shall miss it in 2016 but will join in with flowers as best I can. It will be a good incentive to develop my flower skills and knowledge.

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    • Glad you like him Jo. I forgot about him. He’d have been good for the month of things on benches. I’ll be doing another search through my photo library for the last week of the year. Not sure what I’ll find …

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