Faces on the Street

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Sade’s face, downtown Los Angeles, February 2015

Street artist Dirt Cobain is particularly well known for his works that feature the face of Sade, often just half a face in fact, but he does produce a wide variety of street art.  If you’d like to see more variety, pop over to his Twitter or Facebook.

#fcb4d5 color image

Hex reference: #FCB4D5

A colourful note: this soft pink shade is a Crayola colour called lavender.  To me this is just not purple enough to be called lavender and, interestingly, the lavender Crayola crayon that appeared in 1949 was much more of a light purple shade.  It was not until the 1958 Crayola boxes appeared, that lavender turned into this pink.  I don’t know why!



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