Warm Colours on a Cold Day

a1_20160218_20160218_Stockholm_237_6000 x 4000-2
Stortorget, Stockholm, February 2016

a1 mac cheese _20160221_ffbd88_150 x 200-2Hex colour reference:  #ffbd88

This very light orange colour became an unusually named Crayola crayon in 1993.  One of the 16 winners of the 1993 naming competition created a lively impression with their Macaroni and Cheese title.  The six year old winner, Adrienne Watral from Colorado, simply named it after her favourite food.

I would never have guessed that this colour was named after mac and cheese, mind you.  I love it myself, and enjoy its easiness to make and comfort to eat, but it is never orange for me.  It seems that in early 2015 there was plenty of lively public discussion in the US on changes needed to additives, including colours, to this popular item.  It seems, however, that the manufacturer has achieved a healthy response without any colour change being required!



aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 21 February 2016



14 thoughts on “Warm Colours on a Cold Day

  1. We always ate homemade mac and cheese and it was not this colour–but I do remember the one that was 🙂 Beautiful colour, reminds me more of cantaloupe (rockmelon here in Australia). I have a similar photo of these buildings in Stockholm. Beautiful city and nice food and people.


  2. Such lovely colors on these buildings. This reminds me of what I remember of the main square in Brussels. However, that was the mid-seventies, so my memory is probably really off.



  3. It reminds me of a mayo-ketchup combo sauce colour, the kind they put on a burger – it has been decades since I had it, so I might be wrong. This name is so funny that I won’t have trouble remembering it. The photo is beautiful, Debbie. I like your angle.

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