Our Lady of Downtown LA

a1_20150216__DSC0867_6000 x 4000
Our Lady of DTLA by Robert Vargas – February 2015

This striking portrait, on 6th and Spring Street in Downtown LA, is by Robert Vargas. He is known for his massive public art murals and, particularly, for his fast, live portrait-painting on the street, where he frequently persuades people to be volunteer models for his work.

When interviewed about his work, he commented “Our Lady of DTLA rises from the ground painted in values of black and white as a nod to the historic architecture. She welcomes people into the neighborhood.”

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4 thoughts on “Our Lady of Downtown LA

  1. Yours is even more engaged than mine. The balconies merging through her hair. I love it. I think her facial features resemble those of my graffiti face 😀 A wonderful large scale mural. I think that my street artist would love to participate in a project of this size.


    1. It must be very exciting to participate in some of the projects that take place in large cities ins LA. This part of LA is being “upgraded” and the art is playing an important role. I would love to see this guy at work found a portrait of a passer by. I’m not an artist on any scale and certainly couldn’t do anything on this scale!!

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