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Across the Forth without a Ferry

Let’s nip out of Edinburgh city centre for a wonderful walk to admire the bridges across the Firth of Forth.  We’ll grab a quick train out to North Queensferry, which takes us across the Forth Bridge, and then take an exhilarating stroll back to South Queensferry.

a1_20160306_20160306_Edinburgh_00300480_6000 x 4000

North Queensferry Station looking back at the bridge we just crossed,  March 2016

Better views to come!
So we’ll pop out of the station and stroll downhill into North Queensferry.  I adore visiting this place, as you can wander around and catch close up views of the Forth Bridge, from many lowly angles.

a1_20160306_20160306_Edinburgh_01800495_6000 x 4000

Even from right beneath!

There are also good views of the Forth Road Bridge and the bridge that is still being built, the Queensferry Crossing.

a1_20160306_20160306_Edinburgh_00900486_6000 x 4000

Once you’ve finished enjoying these views, especially the close up views of the rail bridge, we’ll take the road uphill (Main Road, then Ferry Road) towards the road bridge.

a1_20160306_20160306_Edinburgh_03300510_6000 x 4000

And this is what we’re doing next…

a1_20160306_20160306_Edinburgh_04200519_6000 x 4000

There is a wide footpath and cycle path on either side of the road bridge. We’ll take the left side, to get unimpeded views of the rail bridge.

a1_20160306_20160306_Edinburgh_08000557_6000 x 4000

You’ll probably find it a slow walk as the views are stunning, and when you get to the other side you have a choice.  South Queensferry is a lovely little place and well worth a wander (plenty of places for refreshment too); or you can walk back to the north side of the estuary using the other side of the bridge and take in views in the opposite direction; or you can wander through South Queensferry and take a beautiful walk along the waterside towards Leith.

I’ll leave you to make your decision – I’m off to get a cuppa!

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aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 14 March 2016



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  1. Don’t tell anyone…..but I am old enough to have crossed the Forth on the ferry with my car (stuffed full of large camera and photo gear plus 2 months supply of 5″x 4″ sheet slide film) heading for the Highlands.


  2. Oh, so many choices, Debs! I’m all of a dither 🙂 🙂
    I’d probably recross the bridge… but then do South Queensferry and eventually I’d run out of steam. Many thanks for the share! Hope you can find some time to play this week, too.


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