Dancing In The Air

a1_20160316_20160316_Belfast_02601092_6000 x 4000-2
Starling murmuration,  Albert Bridge,  Belfast,  March 2016

Thousands of starlings perform overhead as sunset approaches.  They spin, dance, flutter and dive in a stunning performance.  No music needed – they provide all the beauty you could ask for.

aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 18 March 2016



Linked to Weekend in B&W and Bird D’Pot

30 thoughts on “Dancing In The Air

  1. Excellent photo capture. I’m never fast enough when a flock of birds fly over. By the time I get my camera they’re gone. I need to keep my little Canon Point & Shoot in my pocket when I’m outside working in the back yard. Or put my DSLR on the bench in the shed for quick access


  2. Hi Debbie, Jennifer here from the Albert Bridge! It was so lovely to meet and chat with you that evening. What a wonderful blog you have. I have been waiting to see what photo you would post from the murmuration. Lovely that you chose a view with the moon in it. With my wide angle I obviously have a couple of completely different images – but I still need to go back and back again until I get that magic shot! Nevertheless I got a couple to satisfy me until the next time 😉
    I look forward to following your blog, some wonderful pictures and interesting writing also
    Jennifer xxx


    1. Hi Jennifer
      Yes, it was great to meet you too. I had never even heard about murmurations before. I am determined to return some time, with a wide angle lens so that I can capture the patterns and numbers. And also just to stand and watch. It was a real joy
      Do you put your shots up anywhere? – I’d love to keep up with your return visits!


    2. Hi Debbie, yes I posted a few of mine on my Facebook page so you could look there. Got a few decent ones but have not yet captured that perfect shot! As with all nature it takes practice. Following your blog is inspiring me to start mine again – I used to have a WordPress blog but didn’t keep it up. Any ideas or advice for me if I was to start up again?


      1. Oh yes, dive back in. There are hundreds of free themes to choose from (I just changed mine, to be a bit more photography based).
        And then join into a few challenges to get to know everyone. I can do you a short list of lively ones, including birds and animals!

        I pay for mine now for a bit of extra storage and for the website name/URL, but no need for you to pay anything to get started again!


        1. Will you have a look at what I did in the past – it is a wordpress blog? I started by doing the weekly photo challenge to keep me focused, had some very positive feedback. Recently a few people have suggested I write a book and it got me thinking that perhaps writing my blog would be a good way to start. Would appreciate a list of a few good themes – at the moment I have no idea where even to find the weekly photo challenge!

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