Not-so-White Horses

a1_20150523_20150523__DSC8478_6000 x 4000
White Horse of the Camargue,  May 2015

If you want to see the white horses looking white, you need to visit very early in the day.  I did wonder if they rolled so exuberantly deliberately to annoy the tourists!

#9f8170 color image
Hex colour reference:  #9f8170

A colourful note:  The post-rolling horse looks a beautiful tone of orange just after dawn, but the earth seems a good match for Crayola’s beaver shade, a new tone of brown that joined their crayons in 1998.  This colour also went by another couple of animal-based names temporarily: it was named bear hug in the children’s boxes in 2008-9; and Alaska Kodiak Bear Brown in the State Crayon Collection in 2004-6.


aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 19 March 2016



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10 thoughts on “Not-so-White Horses

    1. My pony adored it. The minute I let him lose in the field he would roll. I had to step back fast to make sure I didn’t participate! And he has almost white too, it meant an awful lot of grooming 😦


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