Flighty Car Park

a1_20160514_20160514_Manchester_00804758_6000 x 4000-2

This gorgeous tit has decorated the wall at a Manchester car park for a few years.  It is still in great condition and brightens my walk into the Northern Quarter.


aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 19 May 2016



Part of Thursday Special


12 thoughts on “Flighty Car Park

  1. I never, ever want to leave this header! What a beauty, Debs! I could stay all day if jobs didn’t call. (well, breakfast and zumba first 🙂 ) Happy weekend, wherever you’ve landed!


  2. una incredibile opera d’arte!

    If you want to translate in any language in the world just on the home of Google you to write “Google translate” ti opens a list of many languages to choose from (including Italian) and the translation is good 🙂


  3. i can see why it brightens your walk Deb. I was just going thru part son downtown and passed some street art that was horrible – dark and just sinister almost – and would not even think of grabbing a photo – in contrast, this bird on the green is so life giving….


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