Manchester Embrace


a1_20160515_20160515_Manchester_06204812_6000 x 4000
An embracing sculpture,  First Street, Manchester,  May 2016

No sign of blue sky so far this morning, but today is Manchester Day.

Sun, or no sun, it will be a day full of fun, with parades, street acts, and food and drink, of course.   Albot², the friendly time-travelling robot, will be there to guide you.


aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 19 June 2016



Part of My Sunday Photo and Sundays in my City


20 thoughts on “Manchester Embrace

    1. I was born in Sale but we moved away when I was 4. I visit a lot for business and football and to see my daughter who’s been at uni there. I’ve never been to Manchester Day but coincided with it today as time for daughter to come home. Now we await the results!

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      1. Didsbury of origin and lived there till I finished University …then hit the ‘wide world’ …..but Manchester will always be home (though I do say I am a Lancashire Lad as for my time there Manchester was in the County of Lancashire…none of this Greater Manchester nonsense!) 🙂

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  1. Hope at least your daughter came home on Manchester Day! Many thanks Debbie for sharing this with SEASONS – I very much like the exuberant pose in this sculpture!
    Thanks for your comment about my son and thank you for being a friend! Have a great week (hopefully at some point the sky will show it’s blue face!)


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