Siren on the Beach

Concepción Méndez Cuesta (Madrid, 1898 – Mexico, 1986) was a leading Spanish poet and dramatist, perhaps better known under the name Concha Mendez.  She was a member of the Generación del 27 society, a group of poets  whose first formal meeting took place in Seville in 1927.

Concha Mendez married the poet and publisher from Málaga, Manuel Altolaguirre, and together founded the printing press Verónica.  Her achievemnets are recognised in Malaga through the naming of the street Calle Poeta Concha Méndez. On the nearby beach at El Palo, one of her works is featured as a tiled mural.


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Recuerdo de Sombras
No me despiertes, amor,
que sueño que soy sirena
y que eres el nadador

Memory of Shadows
Do not wake me, my love,
I dream I am a mermaid
and you are a swimmer


To hear this full poem being read in Spanish: Poema en audio: Recuerdo de sombras de Concha Méndez por Conchita Fernández


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