Lines around the Eye

The area across the water from Amsterdam’s Central Station has been awarded a new lease of life in the last few years.  It now lures both visitors and locals across the Ij for a dash of culture, relaxation and pleasing views.

a1_20160303_20160303_Amsterdam_01600072_6000 x 4000
Eye Film Institute and A’DAM Lookout,  Amsterdam,  March 2016

This district is known as Overhoeks, named after the office blocks that Royal Dutch Shell established here in 1965.  The Overhoeks tower, now renovated and known as A’DAM Lookout, has long been one of the icons of Amsterdam’s skyline.

Divert your glance down and to the left from the tower to find what may well become a new Amsterdam icon.  Your roving eyes are greeted by a sleek structure that glides away from the tower, hugging the ground and squinting at its admirers.  The dynamic structure, its lines, its reflections, its shadows, bring the building to life.

a1_20160303_20160303_Amsterdam_03400090_6000 x 4000

This is the Eye Film Institute, created by a Viennese architecture company, Delugan Meissl.  It opened in 2012 and houses four cinemas plus a permanent exhibition on cinema history and temporary film-related displays.  In addition to its “filmyness”, it houses a cafe and provides eager-eyed visitors with great views across the water from the giant-sized windows on the ground floor.

a1_20160303_20160303_Amsterdam_03300089_6000 x 4000-3

The dashing steps lure you in and the glimmering eye gives you a feeling of energy and casts a hint of mystery.  I have no doubt that this striking structure will soon make a starring role in a movie.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Amsterdam, be sure to hop on one of the free ferries at the rear of Central Station and head over to the Eye.


aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 26 July 2016



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