Stroll around Ile Lavezzi

The Iles Lavezzi are a group of small, rocky islands that lie part way between Corsica and Sardinia.  They are easily reachable by boat from Bonifacio and are an absolute “must do” on my list of things to visit  In high season, be sure to book in advance..

a1_20160505_20160505_Corsica_01803573_6000 x 4000

Spring is the ideal time to visit.  That tip applies to the whole of Corsica, in fact, but is particularly true for these easily over-crowded islands.  The barren granite base is softened by the spring light and azure sea, and this home to rare species of wild flowers comes to life in April and May.

a1_20160505_20160505_Corsica_04903604_6000 x 4000

Once off the boat, just wander freely, resting when the views or the beaches take your fancy.  There are a number of signs to guide you to key points and back to the embarkation point.

a1_20160505_20160505_Corsica_02803583_6000 x 4000

I spent a few hours here, strolling and clambering around, slowed down a little by the calls that the colours and curves placed on my camera.

a1_20160505_20160505_Corsica_12703682_6000 x 4000-2

a1_20160505_20160505_Corsica_05503610_6000 x 4000

Relax, enjoy and be sure to take drinks and a snack with you as there are no shops or cafes – just a natural slice of heaven.



aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 15 August 2016


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      1. Let me give you an example. A place called “Bonifacio” could be located anywhere in the (Romance language speaking) world. As a European I feel I should know all places on my home continent, but obviously I don’t. So I appreciate a hint… Yes, I know I could start researching, but I have to do that for my job all the time.


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