Flamingos over the Camargue


a1_20161008_Camargue-2016100803546_7952 x 5304.jpg
Early evening over the Camargue,  France,  October 2016


Enjoy the music below that reflects an aspect of culture in the Camargue, and the origin of the word flamingo.




aDSC_0636_ppImage copyright Debbie Smyth, 14 October 2016



Part of  Skywatch Friday



22 thoughts on “Flamingos over the Camargue

      1. ha -sorry – I should have asked you the song Debbie – and by the way – this would have been a good looking up theme – hint-
        I was almost going to ask you if you wanted to co-host a blog challenge this coming year – but I went with the Friday food and got that going – because life is too short – ya know –

        anyhow, no pressure – but maybe you should run a monthly “look up look down” – and we can leave trackbacks to a mintage – oh I dunno….


      2. I’ve been thinking about challenges for a while as it happens. The look up look down didn’t take off in a huge way, but monthly might work. The only trouble is, I find it harder to remember monthly ones than weekly ones!

        As it happens, my One Word Sunday was one that I hoped to turn into a challenge – and I put out the invite today. I’m also think of doing a quotation one – I’ll put out a quote and leave everyone to depict it in their chosen manner. I love having challenges out there to get me thinking and looking and am keen to offer some too. I just need to be sure I’ve got enough time to set it all up on a regular basis. I’m good at taking on too many things….

        On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 1:07 PM, Travel with Intent wrote:


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      3. Hey- what timing !
        How cool that you were already thinking of this-
        And thanks again for joining in my Friday food so fast – it was so support feeling!

        And both of your challenges sound good as well as needed!
        This is why I went towards the food idea – I think it is fun – but also nothing really like hat.
        Ya know?
        And even if there is stuff already – the blogosphere is large and more challenges give us options!

        Oh and with mine – I am not going to use the linky anymore – I think tacbaks are enough!


      4. I like the picture linky but only if you can get it to show on main post page. I used it for Look Up Look Down but it was a separate page. And it’s also extra work to set it all up!!

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      5. yes – I recall that you had it set up much differently from others I have seen.

        and I think some folks do not want to have to go in and enter the info – esp their email – I know I have exited sites that were too much work – and so I prefer trackbacks – but the link does make it easy to see the group and helps for those times i want to visit the community for that challenge.


  1. It says that the video is not available in my country, but I am very familiar with the song 🙂 Lucky you, Debbie to be listening to the Gypsies while shooting flamingos 😉


      1. Yes! But not as bad as my last visit. They are the most vicious I’ve come across. When I visited in May they were so bad that they bit through clothes and it was hard to concentrate on photography when you could feel them biting all the time. They are kinder in October, it seems – they did bite but weren’t painful or itchy

        On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 9:43 PM, Travel with Intent wrote:



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