Above and Below

Millennium Bridge,  London,  October 2016

Two of the top ways to make your way around London involve wiggling and wobbling.

You can make your way up and down the Thames in  a leisurely manner by foot, wiggling from north to south and south to north as you criss-cross the various bridges.  The bridge above provided wobbling as well as wiggling when it first opened, but has since been repaired.

For a bit more speed and a lower viewpoint, seize on a high speed zig-zag on one of the RIB excursions now on offer (but the high speed is reserved for out of town, so do elect for one of the longer trips on offer and head out beyond Canary Wharf)


I recommend Thames RIB Experience – there’s a good choice of trips, very friendly service and a hint of James Bond.  I tried it out in pouring rain and still thoruoghly enjoyed it.
There are a few other companies offering similar journeys.



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