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It’s not this time of year without…

… a Christmas Tree!

As I wandered through St Pancras International Station recently, I was excited to see the start of this year’s Christmas Tree. Last year’s had been an unusual tree of almost overwhelming size  – short on leaves but not on style!


St Pancras Christmas Tree, 2015


Probably not a Christmas Tree!   November 2016

This year’s was not quite what I expected!


Im assuming there’ll be a more seasonal replacement


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 26 November 2016

Part of Weekly Photo




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  1. Wow, that would be a tree, you couldn’t get little kids away from, unless you bribed them with candy, or something like it! St Pancras sounds so familiar … I know there is a Pancras in Holland, but this is probably somewhere else?


  2. where I live, we usually work on Christmas day and it’s not a holiday. But some folks do have trees and decorations. Not many. I sort of miss that. But not the gunk advertising that begins about now on TV and in stores.


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