Pink Church of Calvi

Santa Maria Church,  Calvi,  Corsica,  May 2016


#fdbcb4 color imageHex colour reference:  FDBCB4

A colourful note:  the first use of the English word melon as a colour was recorded in 1892.   The colour, it seems, is named after the interior flesh of the cantaloupe variety of the fruit.

This pink-peach shade became a Crayola colour in 1958.



aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 7 January 2017


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14 thoughts on “Pink Church of Calvi

  1. Thank you. At long last! I wondered about the name, because I thought it might have to do with the flower of a certain variety. Now I still have to find out why (black) bowler hats are called Melonen in German…

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    1. Just imagine all those businessmen in the city marching around with their brollies in hand and green watermelons on their heads. Who would take them seriously?

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