21 thoughts on “Wintry St Albans Mantled in Mist

  1. Me too. It’s this time of year with bare trees and great light that makes me appreciate the magnificent shape of these trees. And all achieved without control pants and the latest diets 😉


  2. about an hour northwest of here, St Albans, Vermont (USA) is mantled in about a foot and a half of snow. An equally lovely town, though. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Oh, I love this shot for All SEASONS.!! It looks like the weather here today:) But…you are not on the linky list, by leaving your link in the comment.
    Please go back, to leave your photo on the linky list (as far as I know, I can’t do that for you?) Sorry for the inconvenience:):)
    Press on “click here” on bottom of the post.
    A new page opens up.
    Leave your permallink, email, etc. and choose from “Web” or “File” so you can see which photo you like to link up). Voila, that’s all.
    If I need to be more detailed, let me know. But it’s similar as the Up-Down View challenge on Thursday you used to have.


  4. Yay, you did it:):) Thanks a bunch, blog friend for being a part of ALL SEASONS! Hope that this fog won’t last for a week (Or, that you travel to warmer destinations)!


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