Agatha Christie,  Torquay,  Devon,  July 2016

This sculpture of the famous English author was the work of Carol van den Boom-Cairns. It was unveiled in September 1990 to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of her birth in the area on 15 September 1890.


aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 12 January 2017

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      1. As she accompanied her husband on some of his travels, she could gather material for Murder on the Orient Express and … on the Nile. She actually was one of my English teachers. I boroughed her complete works from the library of the British Council and took notes of all the idioms I found. Then I had to order dictionaries of English idioms from England, because there was no Internet, no Wikipedia, no nothing. Learning a foreign language by yourself must be dead easy these days.


      2. Yes, much easier these days. I like reading foreign fiction on my kindle as I can just tap a word to get a translation. Normally I prefer real books but easy translation wins me over.

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