22 thoughts on “After the Snow

  1. Yay, you got snow – just the right amount. It makes for a beautiful foreground of St. Albans! Many thanks for sharing this view with ALL SEASONS!
    Am so happy you remembered – is it getting better with that? Here fell some too, since we had so much rain, in the higher elevations, just half an hour away, they had some – don’t know how much, but we saw cars coming back with skis on the top of their cars. (3-4 hrs. from here in Reno, Nevada they had 16 feet!) Have a great week!

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    1. Our snow only stayed around for a couple of hours, but it was good to see. Now we’ve moved into a week of rain!
      My memory is stuck at this level now – it’s not too bad as long as I’m organised and keep lists. I also do too many things and dashing around is a good way to forget some things! 🙂
      Have a good week!


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