Parque José Martí in Cienfuegos,  Cuba,  December 2016

One of the impressive buildings on Cienfuegos’ central square is the Tomás Terry Theatre, a structure where French and Italian influences are apparent. Its elegance is apparent even before stepping through the door: simply look up high for a glimpse of the gold-leafed mosaics.

This home to theatre was built in the late 19th century to honour the Venezuelan industrialist Tomás Terry.  A monument of the man sits in the entrance hall, and the horseshoe-shaped auditorium houses an impressively frescoed ceiling, plus Carrara marble and hand-carved wood.

For an internal view from over a decade ago, pop over to Sue’s nostalgic Cienfuegos post.


#fae7b5 color image

Hex colour reference:  #fae7b5

A colourful note: the colour name banana mania became a Crayola colour in 1972.  It’s an appropriately named colour for yellow things in Cuba – bananas grow, and are eaten, in abundance.  I loved the banana chips!



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