Window on Arles

The Church of St. Trophime is one of my favourite buildings in Arles.  Built in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, it features some excellent examples of Romanesque sculpture.  Behind the church hides the beautiful monastic cloister, which was probably built just after the main church was completed.

Eglise de St Trophime,  Place de la République,  Arles,   August 2016

For my first couple of nights in the city I rested my weary legs in a great hotel, situated right next to the cloister, with enticing views from the roof terrace.


The window above may not look particularly attractive, but once inside the cloister itself, I was won over by the stained glass.


So much better from inside than outside.



Arles is a gorgeous and fascinating city, absolutely packed with things to do and see.  Just be sure to put the St Trophime cloister somewhere near the top of your own to visit list.


Recommended hotel:  Hôtel du Cloître, 18 rue du Cloître,  Arles



aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 1 February 2017



Part of Fun Foto Challenge



13 thoughts on “Window on Arles

    1. Anthony Epes is running his workshop there again this summer and I might join that again.
      If not, I’ll go under my own steam if I can find the time. The place is marvellous and the massive summer photography exhibition is well worth the journey.

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