An official portrait poser in Havana,  Cuba,  November 2016


#fce883 color imageHex colour reference:  #fce883

A colourful note:  yellow was, of course, in the original 1903 set of Crayola crayons and still remains. In Crayola world, it has changed shade a little over the years and has had many alternative names, including Daffodil, Lemonade and Kansas Yellow Brick Road.

This familiar English name came from the Old English geolu and geolwe.  Hence, English yellow, German gelb, Swedish gul and others.


aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 5 February 2017


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8 thoughts on “Happy

  1. Which raises the question why yellow isn’t the colour of envy and jealousy in English, gelb is in German. Another question: What’s the poser supposed to pose for? It’s not a cigar and looks like black salsify, but must be somethin exotic?

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    1. He was near the Ambos Mundos Hotel. But there were similar posers around the city, wearing official badges!
      He was very charming and would pose for several shots per camera for the 1 CUC.

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