9 thoughts on “Sunset over Central Park

  1. You moved continents again? Debbie you are tireless 🙂 I think that this is perfect for today’s challenge. Debbie, this entry is so much more special coming from another continent. Have a great time while you are there, and be safe! THANK YOU.

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    1. I am glad you loved it so much Paula.
      Yes, I’m just here for a few days, I hadn’t been for a few years and had a lot of flight points to use or lose! Plus I really wanted to see some snow – and my wish was granted!
      Home mid-week.

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  2. ahhh – so you are in NYC – right on – and looks like you caught their snow – it was sunny and warm earlier in the month – and Deb – I love what feels like a slight angle to the right here – not sure if it is the building or city – but awesome for dark/light

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    1. I had been hoping for snow and it beat my arrival, delaying my flight by 7 hours!
      I walked further north in the park today and have some more skyline views across water – I haven’t reviewed them yet but hopefully I’ll want to share them!
      Having a great time but home on Sunday.

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