Past, Present and Future

Lurking just round the corner from last week’s lonesome man, are a haunting trio.

Past, Present & Future by Stik,  Shoreditch,  London,  January 2017

Stik uses his street art to present aspects of local life and issues facing society.  He has produced posters and flags to support local campaigns and has given away posters of his work with Big Issue magazine.

If you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, go here to watch a Guardian video that shows the background to the creation of three men up above  (warning: some strong language).  It highlights issues faced by many people in London, and the impact that expansion and modernisation is having on the community of Shoreditch.

aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 13 February 2017

Part of Monday Mural

11 thoughts on “Past, Present and Future

  1. I had no idea how monumental these figures are until I watched the video. London seems to be growing so fast that neighborhoods are disappearing every time you turn around. Lots of skyscrapers, office buildings, and luxury apartments. Where does the average guy move to when the rents go too high or his housing is destroyed to build these monuments to commerce and wealth? Thanks for sharing this story and contributing to this week’s Monday Mural.


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