4 thoughts on “Fishing for a splash of colour

  1. The places where you find your inspiration! This is a beautiful choice to be converted in black and white. It gives it a fossil feel.
    Did you have some clams, or just took photos of them. I am reluctant about tasting shellfish when I travel.

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    1. My first hotel was joust a few yards from this market so I admired the produce regularly.
      And yes, I ate plenty too. I love seafood of all types but oyster. And Spaghetti a la vongole is one of my favourite dishes. I avid seafood in some areas but not here. But on the whole I rely on the “medicinal qualities” of a glass of wine to deal with any problems 😉


      1. I’m with you, Debbie, though I can take more than one (glass) :D. I don’t eat oysters (yuck), but I love mussels. We have the best near Dubrovnik.


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