Fifty shades of grey? No, six



#95918c color image


Hex colour ref:  #95918c

A colourful note: grey is a colour of no colour, lying between black and white, and often being viewed as a symbol of boredom, neutrality and old age; rarely someone’s favourite colour; and rarely an inducer of excitement, one would imagine.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 29 April 2017

An extra Six Word Saturday, and broken rules!


10 thoughts on “Fifty shades of grey? No, six

      1. I still have my Kodak Gray cards for metering average grey – not used for years! I dabbled with the Zone system at one time, trying to improve my monochrome and darkroom skills!


  1. 😆 I’ve been having eye floaters since I was 28 and I like having my walls grey. I also like grey clothes combined with red details. And my B&W Sunday is grey too, and when I am angry (which is more often than normal) my eyes turn grey too.


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