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Towering colours of spring



On the roof of Casa Batllo,  Barcelona,  April 2017

Gaudi’s curvaceous architecture and its natural pastel colours simply revel in the spring sunlight.  The colours change as you wander around the roof and as the light adapts with season and time of day.

The snaking line of the roof with its scaly tiles and knobbly ridge resemble the back of a dragon and reminds you that the building’s nickname is “House of Bones”.  I have to admit, though, that I’ve added a bit of extra curve to those graceful chimneys, with my wide angle lens (a new toy for my weekend in one of my favourite cities).

Gaudi’s style is linked closely to nature, and this is the perfect place to make a relaxing start to your day in Barcelona.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 11 May 2017

Posted as part of  Thursday Special

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  1. Two weeks ago we could see Casa Batlló with all its façade full of roses. It was Sant Jordi’s day and it was beautiful. We described it in our post and we think like you: “Gaudi’s curvaceous architecture and its natural pastel colours simply revel in the spring sunlight”


    • An interesting comment, thanks. I can’t speak from personal experience as I haven’t been to Morocco 😦
      But I’m sure Gaudi must have ben influenced by Moorish architecture as well as by nature.


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