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A Magnum walk

This week I am taking you on a very short walk – partly because I’m too busy to write up a longer one, and partly because this includes a photo exhibition that closes in a few days and I wanted you all to know now, rather than after it has gone.

And before you get too excited, there are no ice creams involved!

We will start and end this walk at Kings Cross Station in London, heading outside and towards Granary Square and the Regent’s Canal.  But don’t go far, look out for a Notes coffee shop and the entrance to the underground on your left.


Head down the escalator, where you’ll find the Magnum 70 at 70 exhibition, but it’s only here until 15 June.


Stroll up and down this 90 metre walkway, enjoying the 70 great images – a wonderful selection including some of my all time favourites.  And probably some of yours too.


And enjoy the setting too as there are enticing reflections and playful LED lighting.


When ready, you can head back overground, and grab a coffee at Notes or go and relax on the steps overlooking the canal at Granary Square.  Enjoy!



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 12 June 2017

Posted as part of Monday Walks


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  1. You are a tease, Debs! 🙂 🙂 And quick off the mark too! I was a little slow this week because I had last minute links to add. Thank you so much for finding precious minutes to share on mine. Your photos are, as ever, fabulous! All those shiny surfaces to deal with and you did it effortlessly.

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