Walking the Wall

Today I’m going to take you for a walk along the decorated remains of the Berlin Wall.  We’ll start at Ostbahnhof, an S-bahn station not far from the wall.  From here, wander down to the main road that runs alongside the River Spree and turn left.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 17.39.35

The walk along the main road isn’t very exciting, but look out for this piece of street art.


It is hard to miss, and there is plenty of detail to enjoy and absorb.  If you fancy a river view and a cool drink, look out for an aged wooden door that leads down to the waterside.  It’s not all that easy to spot, but it is next to an area undergoing major redevelopment, which kindly had a large pink flag flying on high.

Grab a beer or whatever suits your taste and grab a deckchair or wooden seat at the river’s edge.  The views are pretty good and there will be plenty of water borne traffic to provide a changing view.

Once refreshed, head back out onto the main street, turn right and just keep walking until you get to the wall.

Take your time enjoying this street art area, known as East Side Gallery.  A recent renovation has lead to most pieces being protected behind a metal fence which obscures your view, but it’s still definitely worth visiting.

Below is a gallery and slideshow of a selection of the works that are there for your enjoyment.  Some are from my recent visit in May 2017 and others are from my May 2015 visit.  You’ll see difference in cleanliness, as many of the 2015 ones are severely damaged by graffiti.  However, you need to suffer wide angle and fisheye distortion on some of the 2017 ones, as I wanted to avoid the metal fence!  Hovering over the images will show the date of capture.

When you have finished meandering, walk a very short distance to the striking Oberbaumbrücke.  There is a bar right here if you need any further refreshment.  Otherwise, turn left up the hill where you’ll find Warschauer Strasse U-bahn and S-bahn stations.

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Copyright Debbie Smyth, 19 June 2017

Posted as part of Monday Walk

8 thoughts on “Walking the Wall

  1. An interesting mix, Debs. In this weather I think I’ll just sit and watch the boats go by, if that’s alright with you? 🙂 🙂 Many thanks for taking me along.


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