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Standing on Castle Rock


Looking up to Edinburgh Castle at sunset,  Scotland,  July 2017

The buildings of Edinburgh Castle, (including palace, fortress, chapel and barracks) sit on the plug of an extinct volcano which, with the aid of glacial erosion,  has been turned into an impressive structure in its own rough right.

I’m back in Edinburgh for a very short Festival visit.  Today I’m off on a street art walk with a photographer that I did a city walk with last year.  I’ll hopefully be back soon to share that with you.  But if you’re in Edinburgh at the moment, why not join for yourself?  All cameras, all skill levels are welcome.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 13 August 2017

Posted as part of Paula’s B&W Sunday

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  1. Enjoy the Festival…….. I am still surprised that apart from one visit to the Military Tattoo at the castle that we have never managed to get to the festival despite a great many visits to the city (not to self – must try harder)


  2. Beautiful capture, Debbie. It turned really nice in black and white. I am so glad you posted it for this challenge. I saw it from far for the first time some weeks ago 🙂


    • It’s great isn’t it.

      I keep meaning to spend more time up here during the Festival. I’ve only been once before and saw a mix of great and strange! Today I saw a different side – the trailers for the shows. And now I need another 2 months!
      If your friends would like to see a very promising young comedian I strongly recommend Labels, which I saw last year. The guy is also in Monster which I haven’t seen yet.


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